Saturday, February 25, 2012

las fotos: la granja y extremadura

there were festivals, castles and memories that i will hopefully never forget. 

para más fotos del viaje, pinchar aquí:

for now though, i am back to life in madrid and absolutely loving it. exploring always yields interesting results, not the least of which being varios sitios for spending the afternoon reading, drinking red wine and eating olives. tough work, my friends.

i just wish that you all could come visit! to those of you who cannot, send me a line, por favor!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

extremadura, parte uno

hola todos!

i miss you all dearly but am absolutely loving spain thus far. please forgive the lack of updates. i have literally just decided on my classes after a relatively harrowing matriculating/language crisis/what am i doing with myself in another foreign country process.

who am i kidding?!

i am still fully aware that anything mildly stressful here does not detract from the fact that i am extremely lucky. in fact, this past weekend was the perfect manifestation of that. although i was slightly concerned by the fact that i had and still have a number of things to get done this weekend (hence the blog post procrastinating jaja), we made our way to the region of extremadura to visit mérida, cáceres y trujillo. each city was beautiful, and i was so glad for the impetus because i definitely would not have visited otherwise. extremadura is often overlooked as a destination, and even our spanish "mentores" had never been before because it is simply not on many people's radars.

though i do not have time to post pictures from the trip yet, i will include a picture of these muy muy ricas galletas que se llaman perrunillas. they were to die for. was all of that gravity defying light texture perhaps a product of the artful use of lard? could it have been that the recipe has not changed since the sixteenth century? who knows.

(probably the super cute little nuns that sold them to us through the gate of the convent)