Tuesday, September 13, 2011

le attività

over the course of the past two weeks we have managed to pack in molte attività including:
  • an italian national team game against slovenia – which we won with a clutch goal in the 85th minute! forza italia! 
  • a day trip to cinque terre – an unesco world heritage site comprised of 5 beautiful coastal towns
  • a hike to the top of la montagna di fiesole – where leonardo da vinci is believed to have tested some of his flying machines
  • and of course, amazing meals!

i was also lucky enough to attend a few lectures on middle eastern history and art history at one of the old palaces in florence. the conference room was in all likelihood a repurposed ballroom and provided quite the setting for enlightened discussion.

this upcoming week i will also have much to report on
  • art history class will be in florence tomorrow, as every other week our lectures take place in the local chapels, churches and museums
  • georgetown is partially subsidizing a tuscan cooking class tomorrow night!
  • friday we are taking a field trip to the towns of arezzo and urbino to look at more art first hand

i hope that you all are having fun back in dc and across the states. write me and tell me what you all are up to per favore!

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