Tuesday, October 18, 2011

un buon viaggio

ciao amici!

long time no see! my computer charger finally arrived yesterday so i am back in business, just in time to leave for an 11 day traverse across eastern europe. along the way i will hopefully make it to verona, vienna, milan, budapest and prague. were i not currently imbibing copious amounts of information that has thus far remained neglected (non e colpa mia!), i would provide you all with a more thorough description of the past three weeks' activities, but alas, a brief list will have to suffice for now:

  • la madre visited for a weekend!
  • we field tripped to san gimignano, the frozen in medieval times italian city state that still boasts 13 towers
  • much running through the italian hills, perhaps more on that to come later
  • an italian field trip aka no english day, to 3 different famous yet tiny italian towns as well as an 8th century monastery that practices gregorian chants
  • a substitution of a lesson on how to chant gregorianally instead of class :)
  • an art history field trip to siena, many pictures to come at a later date
  • a trip to the largest chocolate festival in the world in perugia. oh, my, chocolate.

    i am currently in the process of attempting to upload a smattering of the 700 pictures i uploaded to my computer yesterday, yet it looks like facebook is feeling uncooperative, so no promises, but here is the link to ze italia album again:


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