Sunday, January 29, 2012


aaaaand we are back. after five days of chocolate, cheese and the beautiful mountain vistas, i can assure you that i now feel thoroughly readjusted to the european lifestyle. i loved seeing some of you all over the break, and missed those of you that i could not dearly, but trips like this poignantly reinforce how lucky i am to be back on this side of the pond.

in gstaad we skied the swiss alps (i survived and it was so much fun!), dined on the local food and then toasted our days in front of the fireplace. i can barely begin to describe how beautiful it was, but suffice it to say that gstaad is truly breathtaking. 

it was an interesting experience, observing how a country blends three distinct cultures to form its own national character. i am not entirely certain as to what my thoughts on the matter are, but can tell you that the culinary result is extraordinary. though the abundance of cheese was more than a little worrisome, with the help of some lactase the fondue and raclette were fun, delicious meals that were made all the more meaningful by the company and conversation. let us not discuss how much chocolate i consumed after those meals...

as we kick into high gear with the orientation/language struggles/cultural mishaps, i am sure that i will have much more to report back on soon. start sending me your updates and emails, por favor!

and here is the link to the accompanying facebook album:

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