Wednesday, March 14, 2012


londres era interesante. la verdad es que tengo sentimientos mezclados. había muchas cosas que me gustaban mucho, pero otros que no. 

those mixed feelings about london aside, the culture there was absolutely amazing. little did i know that i would visit a foodie paradise one day and see breathtaking works of art the next. 

i will have to post more about the art and food later. for now, suffice it to say that the historical significance of what i saw helped me get past the culture shock/massive departure from mediterranean life that greeted me upon arrival. 

in my defense, the first day a rather miserable tone of gray insisted on coloring my mood. coming from a country and a way of life that both literally and figuratively bask in the sun, the prospect of marching out into the gloomiest day that i had seen in weeks necessitated a serious gulp. (every picture posted here is from the second day.) miraculously though, my palette remained entirely unscathed thanks to the wonders of a beautiful place called borough market and the proliferation of delicious mediterranean food.

for more fotos, pinchar aquí:

voy a escribir más sobre la comida y el arte pronto. i hope that you all are doing well!

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